DVIS001: Data Visualisation Techniques

Data visualisation can help make sense of your data, reveal new insights, and communicate research outcomes to others clearly and persuasively in a visual manner. This course is an introduction to data visualisation techniques. The course is ideal for participants who want to know more about visualisation, what tools and options there are for various visualisation purposes, with some hands-on exercises.

Learning Outcomes

  • Where visualisation is in your research data management lifecycle
  • What to consider (forms, colours, setup) for data visualisation
  • What tools and options are available for data visualisation
  • What are the innovative ways of data visualisation
  • How to use some popular tools (e.g. Google Fusion Tables, Data Arena Virtual Machine, etc.)


A personal Gmail account is required to participate in this course. Institutional accounts, such as those at universities, may not work. Knowledge of Basic Unix commands is desirable but not compulsory.

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