Network interconnect

What is SpaceTransit?

Space Transit offers a dedicated, private network connection from your datacentre or co-location site to the Intersect eResearch Nexus. Using Transit to access Space and Time, you can increase security, access dedicated bandwidth throughput, and experience more consistent performance than via public Internet-based connections.

High Performance

Select the bandwidth required, Intersect Space and Time can be used with speeds of up to 100Gb/s.


Interoperates with all Intersect eResearch Nexus services, including Space, cloud.Time and hpc.Time.

Secure private connection

Create a private network that satisfies regulatory requirements where traffic is not permitted to pass across the public Internet.

Consistent network performance

Internet latency can vary as data gets re-routed from point A to B. With Space Transit, your data travels safely over dedicated connection, providing a deterministic network experience compared to public Internet-based connections.

Lower bandwidth costs

For bandwidth-heavy workloads in Space or Time, Space Transit reduces inbound and outbound transmission costs. By transferring data via Transit directly, you can reduce bandwidth commitments to conventional Internet service providers and avoid interfering with your other traffic. Transit is priced extremely competitively relative to conventional cloud providers and easily calculated in advance.


The Intersect eResearch Nexus is optically connected to the Australian Academic Research Network. It optimally peers with national carriers, directly interconnects at the highest possible speeds to all major eResearch facilities in Australia and many international research networks.


Space Transit is professionally monitored via Tier 3 datacentre automated network management systems. It offers a managed service level with incident notification and escalation protocols as standard. Transit can optionally be configured in redundant configurations.


Transit services can be added to any existing Intersect SpacePlan or TimePlan.

Transit Rates

Space Transit is priced per link by speed from the point of datacentre interconnect. Network connection to the point of interconnect is the responsibility of the customer. Speeds are expressed as theoretical physical maximums; actual throughput is application dependent.

Minimum Requirements

Transit interconnect is achieved either by optical port from an AARNet Point of Presence, or by MPLS Layer 3 VLAN dedicated port. Public Internet protocol address space and routing is recommended.


Space Transit connections are established using dedicated ports, addressing and route isolation, however customers should treat eResearch Nexus interconnections as Internet-equivalent from a security perspective.

Service Level

Operation of Service: 5 Working Days per week, Monday to Friday, 08:00-18:00 AEST
Service Availability: 99.9% (excludes outages caused by hardware failure)
Time to Respond: Within 4 Business Hours of receipt of your fault notification.
Planned Outage Notices 5 Business Days Prior to Outage.


Availability is a measurement of the total time, expressed as a percentage, that the Space Transit Service is operational (i.e. there is no outage), when measured over any calendar month.

Service availability does not include any planned outages where notice has been given.

How do I get started with SpaceTransit?

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