CSIRO Workspace

What is CSIRO Workspace?

CSIRO Workspace is a powerful software platform for sharing scientific workflows in one coherent, simple environment.

  • It is one of a number of preconfigured research-based software applications available through Launchpod.
  • It is a desktop application and not a web application, meaning that the virtual machine needs to be configured to allow you to log into it as if it were a desktop computer.
  • To deploy a CSIRO Workspace instance, you will need to configure the operating system (OS) username and password, which will be used to log into the machine, as well as a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) password, which is used specifically to view the machine’s desktop over the web using a remote desktop connection and VNC software. When the VM is deployed, Launchpod will email you instructions on how to get VNC software to view the machine’s desktop and run the software. When accessing the machine using the VNC software, you will need to enter the VNC password that you specified in Launchpod first, and then the OS username and password, which you will use to log into the user account, as if you were working on a desktop computer.

How do I get started?

Need help getting started, email help@intersect.org.au

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