What is Alveo?

Alveo is a virtual laboratory of tools for searching, analysing and annotating natural language datasets.

Alveo provides on-line infrastructure for accessing human communication data sets (speech, texts, music, video, etc.) and for using specialised tools for searching, analysing and annotating that data.

Who can use it?

  • Researchers who need access to language and communication data such as speech recordings, transcripts, text samples and videos; these will include linguists, computational linguists, Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, psychologists, social scientists or musicologists.​

What costs are involved?

  • Using the platform is free, but there are costs for long-term data storage.

​​To find out more:

  • Watch a presentation of Alveo by Steve here, visit the Alveo website

  • Read about the Alevo project here. 

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