Dr. Andrew (Yoong Kuan) Goh


eResearch Analyst



Deakin University


Academic Background:

PhD, Computational Mathematics

MSc, Computer Science

MBA, Business Administration

BSc, Computer Science



Dr. Andrew Goh is an eResearch analyst at Deakin University with a research background in computer science and mathematics. With the skill and knowledge in both fields, Andrew has been involved in numerous projects involving software engineering and machine learning. He is certified as an Oracle Database SQL expert (OCE), Oracle PL/SQL professional (OCP), and Python for Big Data expert. His research support mainly involves statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, software development, online dashboard design, and data management. He has experience as Lecturer (2+ years), Software Engineer (4+ years), Tutor (2+ years), eResearch Trainer (2+ years) and Data Analyst (1+ year)


Personal Interests:

Programming related tasks.


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