Dr. Abdullah Shaikh


Research Data Scientist

Academic Background:

PhD, Environmental Science and Sustainability MS

Industrial and Systems Engineering BSc

Industrial Engineering


Dr. Abdullah Shaikh is a Research Data Scientist at the University of New South Wales, where he collaborates with researchers to build AI/ML pipelines and workflows. He holds a PhD in Environmental Sustainability from Deakin University, Melbourne, and has extensive experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, visualisations, and statistics. Dr. Shaikh has worked on AI Imaging, High-performance Computing, and Cloud Computing projects. He has a strong problem-solving approach and works collaboratively with researchers to upskill them in programming, AI, machine learning and computationally-intensive projects. In his previous role as a digital research analyst, he trained over 1000 researchers and assisted many more as part of his research support activities. Dr. Shaikh is also passionate about AI and is currently working on developing a trade-bot and other home automation solutions in his free time.


4104 (Environmental management)

4605 (Data management and data science)

4611 (Machine learning)

4101 (Climate change impacts and adaptation)

4014 (Manufacturing engineering)

4017 (Mechanical engineering)

Personal Interests:

Data science, programming, data analytics, simplifying complex graphs, spatial data analysis, and research.