Welcome new eRA Paddy and Engineering Manager Craig, thank you Rod

4 Jul 2016

We've had a few important people changes lately, including new eResearch Analyst Dr Paddy Tobias at UNE. We're very excited about Craig Hamilton's new leadership and direction for our Engineering team, and very grateful to Rodney Harrison as he passes the management baton after six years of contribution.

New eResearch Analyst at University of New England

Dr Paddy Tobias is now our eResearch Analyst at the University of New England, following Johan Boshoff's move into product management in the Australian Sheep CRC.  Paddy completed his PhD at UNE in 2015 on the impacts of modernisation on the culture of Timor-Leste.  Paddy brings several years of experience working in developing countries as an academic, program director, policy adviser and researcher.  He has also recently worked within the Corporate Communications group at UNE.  

Based in the University Research Office, Paddy is focusing on building the engagement between Intersect and the UNE research community in order to grow the uptake of eResearch techniques across all UNE research disciplines.  

Contact details for Paddy and all of our eResearch Analysts are listed here.


New Engineering Manager Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton started as Engineering Manager in June. Craig joins us most recently from a principal architect role at MetCash, with previous diverse experience including software product management at Macquarie University and software engineering at Amway. He’s previously led and mentored small and medium sized engineering teams, is very experienced with SAML and RADIUS authentication, SOAP, REST and JSON message-buses and has deep architectural skills. Craig will bring fresh ideas and technical direction as we focus on software techniques that are least familiar to today's researchers but will most impact their productivity tomorrow, like hadoop/bigtable, machine learning, spatial data, omics pipelining, blockchain and more.


Thankyou Rodney Harrison

Rod is moving on this month after six diverse years of service to Intersect Australia as Engineering Manager (plus a brief interlude as Products and Solutions Manager). Six years in this kind of role at a single organisation is an unusually loyal commitment, and Rod leaves us for new horizons with our best wishes and gratitude. His skill, service and candor serve him well as he moves into a different set of career challenges, and he leaves us with an impressive legacy of research project code and intellectual property under management.

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