Spatial scientists design nextgen visualisation tool

13 May 2014

Intersect hosted a week long hackfest which brought together national teams to work on storing and serving Australian gridded datasets. The group created a new open source web application, called the Spatially Explicit Data Discovery, Extraction and Evaluation Service (SPEDDEXES). 

SPEDDEXES will allow web users (via a portal) to query, extract and visualise national spatial datasets. Participants included a mix of senior and developer representatives from TERN, the Bureau of Meteorology, National Computational Infrastructure, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, IMOS, UNSW, University of Queensland, Macquarie University and Intersect.

The hackfest was coordinated by the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis (ACEAS) and led by Bradley Evans of Macquarie University and Siddeswara Guru from UQ. Staff from Intersect also assisted.
The resulting tools and websites will be hosted by NCI and will be publicly available.

More about SPEDDEXES here.

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