rdsOS – the research data operating system – engineering begins

11 Jan 2017

After more than a year in concept development, Intersect executed a $195k contract variation in 2016Q4 with Research Data Services (rds.edu.au) within its Big Data Movement flagship initiative to create a national Mediaflux service.

MediaFlux is a technology set for moving, managing and sharing research data that was licensed for all RDS nodes through the earlier RDSI Project, but that was not been implemented in a standardised way nationally. It provides high level metadata support at both the collection and item levels and handles federation elegantly.

The project goal is to create a set of product standards, configurations and practices to deliver consistent researcher experiences across all RDS Nodes that deploy Mediaflux.Benefits to RDS will accrue from disparate storage, authentication and configuration harmonisation.

Benefits to researchers will accrue from simplicity, consistency and availability of functions to be unlocked from the existing investment in Mediaflux in curating both research data and descriptive metadata.

In effect this will create an RDS operating system for nodes; an “rdsOS” that will offer a generic implementation of Mediaflux.

The project is being led by Intersect across all eight RDS nodes and kicked off in September, with its steering committee approving project and product plans in December.

Please email energy@intersect.org.au for more informaiton or enquiries – especially if your research team is keen to use Mediaflux.

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