RDSI Update April 2014

13 May 2014

We are working to identify how to approve the data holdings of a large research centre, or the outputs of core facilities. Intersect's eResearch Analysts are the first points of contact for enquiries about our Research Data Storage node.

The latest statistics from our RDSI node are:

  • Total number of approved collections: 56
  • TBs approved: 5143
  • TBs provisioned: 740
  • TBs ingested: 321

Another key area is identifying collections for which the custodian is outside the membership of Intersect i.e.  to identify research data to which researchers want access. We encourage researchers who know of data that they would like to use, but for which they don’t have access, to make contact with their university eResearch Analyst. This specifically includes data which is owned by state and federal government departments.

The Aspera file transfer tool has been rolled out as part of the Science DMZ deployment and is now in production. This allows us to maximise the use of our internet link for ingesting RDSI data collections. We are working with individual collection owners to facilitate the transfer of large data sets.

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