OwnTime, cloud computing for compute-intensive applications

13 May 2016

OwnTime, our private cloud computing service, is gaining momentum with researchers from UNSW, UTS and commercial customers.

OwnTime provides access to large Virtual Machines (VM) configurations of up to 64 cores and 1,000 GB RAM. It can be accessed by any researcher, including for commercial research and is ideally suited for compute-intensive applications.

Researchers can easily and quickly build their computing platform using OwnTime. The platform is cost-effective to use and costs are easy to calculate and are predictable. 

OwnTime enables to dynamically run your resource-intensive tools in a high spec machine, for only as long as you need it. This means that researchers do no need to own expensive computing equipment. Furthermore, once you have configured your research tools, you can create a snapshot of the machine set up for quick and easy deployment at a later date to save time. 

VMs are charged on a fee-for-service basis. Technical specifications and pricing are available here.




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