Offsite data storage backup and archiving in DeepSpace

18 Feb 2016

Data backup confidence is something every researcher needs, but often doesn't have. Intersect DeepSpace may be the answer you're looking for to protect your backup data and comply with code of conduct, grant and publication guidelines. DeepSpace offers cloud storage optimised for integrity and longevity by retaining online, nearline and offline copies of your research data. Offline data is kept on high-density digital tape housed in defense-grade offsite vault storage for disaster recovery.

Convenient and cost-effective DeepSpace solutions offer…

  • Reliable data protection from a trusted provider

  • Rigorous chain-of-custody and audit trail for clear accountability

  • 24/7 emergency response

  • Assistance developing a tailored data protection and recovery programme

  • Consistent storage practices across all of your sites to enhance compliance

  • A web-based media inventory tool, which lets you manage your offsite tapes and disaster recovery programme.

Contact your friendly eResearch Analyst or email to learn more about DeepSpace or any other Space product or service.
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