NeCTAR projects announced

3 Jul 2012

NeCTAR has announced another round of completed agreements.

The following projects will involve Intersect:

  • Astronomy Australia Ltd’s All-Sky Virtual Observatory. To gain maximum scientific benefit from the impending data flood from new facilities, a federation of datasets from all types of astronomical facilities in Australia will be built. This involves creating hardware, tools and services to bring together data from radio and optical telescopes and supercomputers, covering all of the southern sky.
  • A Federated Archaeological information management system for UNSW. This project will assemble a comprehensive information system for archaeology. It will allow data from field and laboratory work to be born digital using mobile devices, processed in local databases, extracted to data warehouses suitable for sophisticated analysis, and exchanged online through cultural heritage registries and data repositories. The end product will be a suite of compatible tools accessible to archaeologists through a single portal.
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