NCRIS RDS reinvests in Biosciences, Imaging, Health and Medical

11 Jan 2017

Intersect has secured renewed project commitment from NCRIS-funded Research Data Services ( for ongoing and other health and medical related projects.

RDS announced the award of $2.1m in funding for activities across established Earth Systems Science, Life Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Image Publishing, Cultures and Communities, Terrestrial Systems, Marine, Geoscience, and Geophysics research community projects. Contractual variation was executed on 22 December 2016.

Although this is a reduced level of investment that reflects 2016/17 NCRIS funding parameters, it allows Intersect to continue to lead the RDS A1.3 Health and Medical project nationally and work with our partners at VicNode and QCIF to consolidate the sustainability, support, and services we have developed as part of

Intersect will continue to partner enthusiastically with VicNode and QCIF on the extended Image Characterisation and Life Sciences (Genomics) projects that will similarly be sustained.

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