Meet Kai and Claire, Intersect eResearch Trainers

18 Feb 2016

Welcome to our new eResearch trainers Kai Wang and Claire Hardgrove who are presenting training courses at some of our member universities. We are also in the process of recruiting new trainers for the University of Newcastle, Australian Catholic University and Charles Sturt University.  

Kai Wang joined Intersect as an eResearch trainer based in Sydney in 2015, after completing his PhD degree in Engineering at UNSW. Throughout his research career, Kai has been developing advanced mathematical models to characterise raw silicon materials for photovoltaic applications. Such research topic requires mastery of programming languages and data processing tools. For example, the pivot table in Excel could help to extract the significance from a large and detailed dataset with a few mouse clicks. His first-hand research experience stimulated Kai’s interest in training other researchers to get hands-on experience in using all kinds of tools to avoid tedious manual work and carry out research projects more efficiently.

Claire Hardgrove also joined in 2015 as Intersect eResearch trainer at the University of Sydney. Prior to joining intersect, Claire was working as a geologist on mineral exploration and contaminated land projects in Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. Her longstanding passion for teaching started as a trumpet tutor when she was 15! Nowadays, she is a Software Carpentry accredited trainer and is spearheading the delivery of discipline-specific Python training courses while studying computer science. She delivered a brand-new 'Introduction to Python for Geosciences' course in February at the University of Sydney. 

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