Latest NeCTAR Virtual Lab kicks off

8 May 2013

Intersect has begun work on the Human Communication Science (HCS) Virtual Laboratory, a University of Western Sydney led project that will connect HCS researchers with a range of tools by which they can analyse corpora previously spread across various sites with varying degrees of accessibility.

HCS research encompasses areas such as speech science, computer science, behavioural science, linguistics, music cognition, musicology, sonics and acoustics. The cross-disciplinary nature of the tools and corpora in HCS vLab promises to facilitate research that will provide new insights into old problems.

The lab is designed to make use of national infrastructure – including data storage, discovery and research computing services. It adapts existing eResearch tools to work on shared infrastructure, with a data-discovery interface to connect researchers with data sets, orchestrated by a workflow engine with both web and command line interfaces. Read more and check the project website for progress.

The Human Communication Science (HCS) Virtual Laboratory acknowledges funding from the NeCTAR project, an Australian Government project conducted as part of the Super Science initiative and financed by the Education Investment Fund, as well as co-funding from participant institutions.


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