HPC Training opportunities

24 Apr 2012

Intersect is offering training in the following topics in the near future:

  • HPC for WIMPS: A two day introduction to HPC computing.
  • HPC for the CLUEy: A half day introduction to our HPC computing facilities for those with Command Line Unix Experience.
  • Advanced HPC: An introduction to Parallel Programming in C or Fortran.
  • Google Refine: A half day introduction for data cleaning and exploration.

The following sessions are scheduled:

  • 7 May 2012: Advanced HPC at Intersect
  • 6-7 June 2012: HPC for WIMPS at NEWCASTLE
  • 23-24 August 2012: HPC for WIMPS at Intersect.

To register, and see dates, please visit https://www.intersect.org.au/registration. You can also download our course resources for self-paced study, ongoing reference, or to help determine if a course is right for you.

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