HPC resources call now open

16 Oct 2012

The 2013 Intersect HPC Resource Allocation Round is now open. Both NCI and Intersect are currently upgrading their HPC systems, and this means significantly more resources than last year. In most cases it is our intent to allocate resource applications in full.

There are a number of differences for the resource allocation round for 2013, being:

– allocations will be made for entire 2013 period (an application makes one request for each machine for each quarter in 2013).

– all applications to Intersect's HPC systems will be made through NCI's forms, (details below).

– all applications must be made by academic staff at an Intersect member institution. We welcome PhD students to make use of the facilities, but require that the lead CI on an application be an academic staff member.

– we now allow multiple requests to be made by applicants. This is to facilitate a PhD student and their supervisors both having separate projects on the facility.

The details for application are:

Forms:  https://nf.nci.org.au/accounts/projects_new/APP_form.php

Please select "Intersect" as partner/share

Date Open:  Monday, October 15

Date Close: Friday, November 9

Announcements: Last week of 2012

We encourage you to apply early.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact our HPC support at hpc_support@intersect.org.au, or your institution’s eResearch Analyst.

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