HPC recommendation adopted regarding LIEF 2009 grant

5 Mar 2010

Members will recall that the Intersect consortium was awarded an ARC LIEF grant in 2009 for a high performance computing cluster to replace one of the aging super computers at ac3.

The consortium faced two options:, (1) the renewal of local HPC infrastructure through the purchase of a new cluster system, and (2) the acquisition of services from the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) on its National Facility. Intersect commissioned an independent assessment of the options and that report has been circulated to the grant’s CIs, the relevant DVCRs and the Intersect Board. The consultants recommended that the consortium invest in NCI, stating, “the NCI proposal will most likely deliver the best outcomes for delivery of high performance computing services to the NSW Universities and research teams”. All parties have since adopted the recommendation. Moreover all universities have reaffirmed their commitment to the $390K promised in the original application and this, together with the $500K granted by the ARC, provides $890K for the renewal of HPC facilities.  We will keep you updated regarding further developments.

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