Federal Budget boost to research infrastructure

5 Mar 2010

Substantial increases in research infrastructure funding were announced as part of the recent Federal budget. An additional $312M has been allocated to Platforms for Collaboration, PfC, related activities.

Activities will include:

  • $97M towards data storage and collaboration infrastructure, to build on the collaboration services, data fabric and cloud computing initiatives underway in the Australian Research Collaboration Service, ARCS;
  • $48M to advance the development of the Australian Data Commons, working through the Australian National Data Service, ANDS, and the research sector;
  • $130M to High Performance Computing, including extending the current National Facility to petaflop scale; and
  • $37M towards an Australian Research Network, i.e. a dedicated, high capability connection between all major research centres.

Intersect is working closely with ARCS, ANDS, NCI and DIISR to ensure this money is used efficiently and that an appropriate proportion is available to NSW.

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