Europe-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration (EPIC) executed by Intersect Australia

4 May 2018

March 2018 – Intersect Australia and eutema GmbH entered into a European Commission Consortium Agreement for participation in Europe’s ICT innovation partnership with Australia, Singapore & New Zealand.

The Europe-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration Project (EPIC) aims to improve the research and innovation collaboration in the area of information and communication technologies between Europe and partner countries. EPIC fosters cooperation in ICT research, technology development and innovation-related topics at policy and researcher levels.

Intersect Member researchers and the wider Australian research community will benefit from international expert exchanges, EPIC participation in Australian and international conferences and events, and greater awareness of European computing science programmes and initiatives. A call for applications for expert visits from Australia to Europe or Europe to Australia is now open for computer scientists in fields encompassing one or more of seven focus areas:

Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cyber Security
ICT in Transport
Digital Economy
Next Generation Internet
Spatial Intelligence

More topic detail is available on the EPIC website along with call information, and you can get in touch with here at Intersect for advice and assistance. Please note that the call is ongoing with progressive decision points, so applications are encouraged at any time.

About EPIC

The objectives of this project between the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are to…

  • Identify, update and detail EU and participant country programs, common R&D priorities and future cooperation opportunities
  • Identify synergies between the international Digital Agenda for Europe and participant country/regions ICT strategies
  • Develop recommendations for improved cooperation
  • Organizing and supporting events that are synchronized with dialogue meetings and contribute to increase their focus and visibility
  • Reinforce industrial cooperation on ICT research and development through improved networking activities
  • Support EU organizations/individuals in accessing third country programs
  • Establish linkages with EC programs and initiatives and with MS/AC programs
  • Widely disseminate the objectives and results of the project among relevant 
stakeholders through a carefully designed dissemination strategy

Australia, Singapore and New Zealand are each represented by two local partners. Intersect and RMIT are working closely together to represent Australia within this EU project that runs to mid 2019. The University of Canterbury and Callaghan Innovation represent New Zealand, and Singapore is represented by A*Star Institute for Infocomm Research and the National University of Singapore. EPIC will directly help Intersect Member researchers by facilitating additional outreach to international organisations and industry partners.

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