CareTrack technology developed by Intersect

13 Aug 2012

It was impossible to miss news reports in July that Australians only receive “appropriate” healthcare 57% of the time.

The CareTrack study is the first national overview of clinical care in Australia, studying the level of care provided to a sample of 1,154 adults for 22 of the most common conditions. It found that while parts of the Australian healthcare system were excellent, major deficiencies still existed, particularly in providing the proper care for conditions such as high blood pressure or sinusitis.

Intersect is excited about the success of the CareTrack research project and the tools used to collect the research. Intersect built the data collection system, database and web applications that managed the data collection.

CareTrack Australia Project Manager Tamara Hunt says, “We contracted Intersect to design a web-based tool for users to enter data accessed from medical records in hospitals, general practices, specialist facilities, physiotherapy and chiropractic practices.

“The tool provided secure data access, data encryption, offline data collection and subsequent database synchronisation (to mitigate against problems of fire-walls and poor internet connectivity in various healthcare settings). Inbuilt algorithms directed users to enter data specific to the healthcare setting, patient demographics and clinical condition.

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