Barossa to be decommissioned

5 Oct 2009

One of NSW's high performance computers, the DELL cluster Barossa, is nearing the end of its useful life. It now costs a huge amount to run and its nodes are starting to fail. ac3 has informed Intersect that it will decommission Barossa on 31st October 2009. Our other high performance computer, McLaren, will continue to operate without change.

In replacement of Barossa, the Intersect consortium will be investing in NCI, the National Computational Infrastructure, where we will get a guaranteed number of CPU hours on their new peak facility.

As part of this process, Intersect will soon be running a resource allocation round. Please watch out for more HPC news here.

HPC users, if you have not received an email regarding this in the last week, your email address is probably out of date. Please contact

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