Alveo NCRIS 2016 success

18 Feb 2016

Alveo, the Nectar Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science, has secured NCRIS 2016 funding, ensuring continuity of this groundbreaking corpus and platform for another year. Congratulations to Project Manager Dominique Estival and Product Owner Steve Cassidy.

In this new stage, the project team will consolidate operations, deploy the data upload facility requested by users, improve the ingestion of large datasets, such as AusTalk, an audiovisual corpus of modern Australian English and the Trove digitised newspaper corpus. 

Alveo will also support a number of user-driven projects including:

Who can use it?

  • Researchers who need access to language and communication data such as speech recordings, transcripts, text samples and videos; these will include linguists, computational linguists, Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, psychologists, social scientists or musicologists.​

What costs are involved?

  • Using the platform is free, but there are costs for long-term data storage. 

​​To find out more:

  • Watch a presentation of Alveo by Steve here, visit the Alveo website or email Dominique or Steve if you want to know more about Alveo. 

Western Sydney University and Alveo acknowledge funding from Nectar and NCRIS.
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