Service Request Management

The following describes the general service request process.

Step 1: Raising a Service Request

Refer to the Service Catalogue for a list of Standard services that you can request. If what you require is not in the service catalogue you can request it by choosing Other Request.

Unless otherwise specified in the Service Catalogue, service requests must be raised at

Step 2: Confirmation will automatically send you an initial email confirming receipt of the Service Request, including a service request ID. The Service Request ID should be used in all subsequent communication with us regarding the request.

Step 3: Approval

Prior to proceeding to fulfilment of a request, we will ensure that approval has been granted from an authorised person within your organisation and, for Standard Service Requests listed in the Service Catalogue, all preconditions for the service definition are met.

Step 4: Fulfilment

For approved Service Requests, we will proceed to implement it as per the process described in the Service Catalogue. 

Target Fulfilment Times

For a particular Service Request, unless otherwise stated in the Service Catalogue, we will aim to fulfil it  within 5 business days of the request being approved and all required information being supplied allowing us to process it.

Step 5: Closure

Once the Service Request is provisioned, we will mark is as Resolved in and notify you. You will then have two business days to respond to the request if it is not fulfilled to your satisfaction, otherwise is will be Closed automatically.

Lack of Response

If we require your input to fulfil a request and you don’t respond to our request for 5 business days, we will mark the Service Request as Resolved – no longer relevant.

Reopening a Request

You can reopen a Service Request by responding to the email notification advising you that the request is resolved or you can send an email to mentioning the request id in the Subject.

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