IT Planning

Technology Advisory Service

What service is available?

When planning research projects, researchers need to understand the potential for IT solutions to optimise research efficiency and effectiveness. In some cases, IT requirements will be fully met by the local organisational IT environment but, increasingly, researchers will benefit from a broader range of collaborative IT capabilities.

Intersect eResearch Analysts provide the following services to assist researchers to optimise their research outcomes through the application of advanced IT solutions:

  • Advice on the access, use and availability of high performance computing (HPC) capabilities.
  • Development of research data management plans to accommodate data storage and collaboration objectives.
  • Provision of information on Intersect IT services to complement local university services.
  • Recommending existing tools to enhance workflow and improve research productivity.
  • Analysing researcher needs with the view to developing new tools/software where existing solutions are not adequate.
  • Sharing of best practice information from other universities, disciplines and research groups.

Who can access the service?

Researchers from any Intersect member organisation.

How do I access the service?

Contact the Intersect eResearch Analyst at your institution.

Alternatively, log a request at – log in with your institution username and password, add details under “Help”. An eResearch Analyst will contact you.

What costs are involved?

There is no cost to researchers within Intersect member institutions.

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