Medical Data Collaboration

Intersect leads a national initiative to build (the Australian National Medical Research Data Storage Facility) to provide petabyte-scale research data storage and related high-speed networked computational services to Australian medical and health research organisations. This project is funded by the Commonwealth Government Department of Education, through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). has been built, hosted and operated by several organisations, each being a “node” of the facility and each based in a different state of Australia: Intersect (NSW); QCIF (QLD); VicNode (VIC) and eRSA (SA). has been constructed to provide substantial underlying infrastructure to support the storage, retention, collaboration and reuse of health and medical research data. In combination with existing research precincts, projects and platforms.

It is adherent to relevant legislation, policies and security standards such that it allows Data Custodians to both confidently store medical research data, including those arising from individual health-related records, and control access to their data for collaborative research projects, across institutional boundaries.

Approximately 1PB of data is currently stored across four states, for data custodians based at 34 research organisations including Universities, Medical Research Institutes and Hospitals.

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