Intersect News #65 February 2014

5 May 2014

RDSI Status Update

Our RDSI node is in full production.

The latest statistics:

  • Total number of approved collections: 56
  • TBs approved: 5143
  • TBs provisioned: 740
  • TBs ingested: 205
  • Number of collections ingesting data: 7
  • Number of collections provisioned but not yet ingesting: 19
  • Storage allocated: 1300 Tbs

The next meeting of the Storage Allocation Committee is on 27th February. The closing  date for the next round of ReDS applications is COB 19 February.

Grants news

ARC’s new instructions for Discovery & Laureate Fellowships now include requirements to plan for communicating research results and managing data via storage, access and re-use, ‪ 

Intersect and ANDS will be working in close collaboration to provide support to institutions and individual researchers to address these requirements. Training and exemplar data management plans will be forthcoming. The Discovery scheme will fund web development and software essential to the Project. Intersect is well positioned to do this development work. Any of Intersect services can be counted as an in-kind contribution to grants. Please contact your eRA for assistance.

New publication may help

‘Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of good practice’

Step-by-step guidance to setting up and running effective institutional research data management services to support researchers and networks. See Case Study 3: Monash University. See more here

New project work: AURIN

Intersect has begun work on a major AURIN project. The NSW Housing Demonstrator Data Hub will provide an initial test bed for the development of an integrated spatially referenced database of key housing data drawn from a variety of sources. The central aim is to build a fully spatially co-referenced set of interlinked data bases on the property record of all residential properties in NSW. A variety of spatially referenced data is being built up to facilitate a range of innovative analyses never before achieved.

The NSW Housing Demonstrator will combine online, offline and value-added datasets including those of Australian Property Monitors and the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure Housing datasets. External access to this system would be provided through AURIN, with technical work undertaken by Intersect. Intersect is providing business analysis, software development and software testing.


1st Virtual Data Citers Monthly Catchup

Thurs, 6 Feb  Join in at this url   

ANDS is running monthly virtual forums on the use and implementation of good data citation practices.
First guest speaker for 2014 will be CSIRO’s Dom Hogan talking about how various bibliographic software packages manage data citation.

Citer’s Catchups: first Thursday of the month, 12.30pm AEDT for about 50 minutes.
See also Data Citers Community Blog


The following sessions are scheduled to take place in the near future:

10 Feb 2014: “Cleaning & exploring your data with Open Refine” at UNSW. Please register at

18-19 February 2014: “Introduction to Unix for HPC” at UC. Please register at

20 Feb 2014: “UC – Cleaning & exploring your data with Open Refine” at UC. Register at

27 Feb 2014: “UC – Data Visualisation with Google Fusion Tables” at UC. Register at

For more information, see


We are looking for a talented and professional eResearch analyst based at Charles Sturt University. Go to

Intersect seeks an Office Manager/ Executive Assistant. This role is the social hub of our organisation. More at

New Staff

Jeremy Hammond is Intersect’s new eResearch Analyst for the University of Sydney.

Rowan Brownlee has joined Alan Glixman and Ingrid Mason as ANDS representatives working on research data management and based at Intersect.

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