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Farewell to Orange, and welcome to Raijin!

In March 2017 Intersect and NCI completed transitioning all research projects from Orange to Raijin. Intersect is making available over 8.5 million NCI Raijin compute hours per quarter.

There is no change to help and support arrangements. Please continue to make requests using the normal process; that is simply email or visit or reach out to HPC Specialist Dr. The hpc.Time team will escalate to NCI User Support should this be required. Users can also contact their local Intersect eResearch Analyst.

Intersect and NCI are committed to easy, productive and effective supercomputing supported by  deeply specialised HPC expertise through our joint teams and resources. We hope you’ll enjoy using Raijin.

Information About NCI and Raijin


Contacting NCI

Intersect supports members and customers and administers project resources and allocations, and there are no changes to these arrangements. However there may be times you need to contact NCI directly.

NCI also operates an expert support desk service during normal business hours: 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Users can lodge an NCI support request by sending email to, or via the online support portal at (login required.) Support requests received outside of normal working hours are addressed as soon as possible on the next business day.

NCI User support is managed by the NCI User Services team, which operates the support desk service, and a consulting service for users on questions of code efficiency and optimisation, algorithms, and computational workflows. Members of the user support team are Ph.D.-qualified computational scientists, and can provide advice on algorithms and workflows in their area(s) of specialisation.