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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources. With cloud computing, you can  quickly take advantage of powerful computing and large-scale storage without the need for specialised IT knowledge. Researchers can build and use software tools, process, share and analyse data, or host online research applications. 

Intersect offers two compute clouds designed for research: 

  • NeCTAR Research Cloud provides small to medium-sized Virtual Machines (VMs) that are more suited to less compute-intensive research applications. 
  • Intersect OwnTime provides larger VMs for more compute-intensive applications. 

Why Own Time?

Characteristics of the NeCTAR and OwnTime cloud computing services

  Intersect OwnTime

Virtual machine size

Up to 16 x64 CPU cores and 32 GB RAM
BUT >8 core VM allocations are scarce

Up to 64 x64 CPU cores and 1 TB RAM
Readily available

Linux operating systems



Microsoft operating systems



Dedicated virtual machines




Australian edu AAF only

Unrestricted (including commercial) research


Self provisioned subject to NeCTAR approval, node and member authorisation

IT or self-provisioned subject to commercial agreement


Government subsidised, member funded and allocated

Published pricing at list and member rates

What else do I need to know?

  • Find information on how to access the NeCTAR Research Cloud here.

  • Find information on how to access OwnTime here.  

  • Intersect Professional Services can help you link your cloud computing products with other Intersect  products such as Space storage and Time compute (HPC).

What costs are involved?

  • Subsidised NeCTAR Research Cloud instances are available to researchers from participating Australian university/research organisation authenticated through the Australian Access Federation (AAF). Organisational approval is generally required for resource allocation.
    Please note the 1 July 2016 announcement to improve the sustainability of the NeCTAR Cloud.

  • OwnTime pricing is time-based (as opposed to consumption), depending on the overall dimension of the VM allocated. It is charged on a monthly basis, for the number of days each VM is active. Find OwnTime prices here.