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Software Engineering


What service is available?

Our team of project managers, business analysts, software engineers, user-interface designers and testers work with clients to deliver research-focused software projects, with over 100 of software engineering projects  successfully delivered since 2008. Our capability is built on a company culture that fosters a focus on the client while pursuing engineering excellence. We specialise in building research applications across a range of disciplines using Agile project management methods and cater for both large and small projects. Intersect builds new research software applications and also reuses existing applications where this is possible.  

Domain areas include:

  • Data capture and data management
  • Analytical software
  • Data visualisation
  • Workflow management.

The following capabilities are available:

  • Business Analysis: Our business analysts work with research institutes, research groups, service centres, and government departments or agencies to assess their current circumstances and plot the course for the future. Analysts are experienced in the research environment and are well acquainted with the major eResearch programs, tools and services. Analysis activities always focus on the most valuable areas to the client and might include: gap analysis, requirements specification, workflow assessment, problem identification and resolution, assessment of technology stacks, process analysis and design, architectural design,  systems analysis, data migration planning, and systems audit.  

    Analysts have varied backgrounds and possess a broad range of skills, including in Agile project management methods, enterprise architecture, data management, data repositories, simulation modelling, programming and software design. They work closely with our software developers and testers to ensure a smooth handover from analysis activities to solutions development.

  • Software Development:  Our software engineers work with clients to deliver the specified software.
    Core team processes: Agile project management, continuous integration, and test-driven design.  
    Key frameworks and languages: Ruby on Rails, Django, Java, Python and Perl.
  • Software Testing: Our software testing experts work with project teams to design and implement a testing regime that will deliver appropriate quality assurance. This is achieved by devising and executing testing strategies, test plans and defect identification procedures. We use a range of industry-accepted tools and techniques. Close collaboration between product owners, business analysts, developers and testers ensures that frequent validation of features and requirements.
  • User-Interface Design: Our user-interface experts work in conjunction with project teams to provide user experience capability.
    This includes: website design and development, intranet & extranet development, user interface design, content management solutions, flash design and development, database design and development and usability research.
  • Project Management: Our project managers plan, coordinate and report on software engineering projects in conjunction with all stakeholders. Project managers are skilled at managing agile software projects, using industry standard methodologies with a high level of client involvement.  
  • Software Maintenance is an optional service available for software built or implemented by Intersect Australia (and other software by special agreement). It enables you to be condent of proactively maintaining a secure and supported level of underlying technology, as well as be assured of software fixes as they are needed. Download a brochure here

Who can access the service?

  • Researchers and research groups from any Intersect member organisation.  
  • Non-member organisations may also access the services.


How do I access the service?  

  • If you are a researcher within one of our member organisations, contact the eResearch Analyst at your institution.
  • Online at – Simply add your university or organisational credentials credentials (user name and password), then click “Help” and add details.  
  • Send an email to


What costs are involved?

A fee will be negotiated reflecting the nature of the work.