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Research Tools

Dedicated tools and applications ideally suited for researchers


Intersect offers researchers a range of research tools/applications.  Some tools have been developed by Intersect while others are commercial or open source tools.  

Research tools are offered in two ways:

1. Launchpod enables deployment of various tools to virtual machines (VMs) on the NeCTAR Research Cloud.  The research tools available through Launchpod are:

  • Twitter Scraper – a tool to harvest Twitter for hashtags, phrases, exact tweets and specific users
  • DIVER – a general purpose open source research data capture and sharing application
  • Omeka – an open source Content Management System suitable for rich collections of data and images
  • LimeSurvey – a tool to quickly create intuitive, powerful, online question-and-answer surveys
  • MATLAB® – a powerful tool for numerical computation, visualization, and programming
  • Alveo – a virtual laboratory of tools for searching, analysing and annotating natural language datasets
  • CSIRO Workspace – a powerful software platform for sharing scientific workflows in one coherent, simple environment
  • RStudio – a free, powerful tool for statistical computing and graphics.

2. Intersect developed research tools cover a significant range of research activities and may be deployable into new eResearch contexts.  Intersect can work with you to create an instance to suit local requirements through its professional services.  To contact Intersect to talk about available Intersect developed research tools and how they may be tailored to your research needs, contact us as follows:

  • Talk to one of our research analysts. Especially if you are a researcher within one of our member organisations, contact the eResearch Analyst at your institution. 
  • Online at – Simply add your university or organisational credentials (user name and password), then click “Help” and add details.  
  • Send an email to