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2014 News

04 November 2014

The new national urban intelligence initiative AURIN (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network) has been launched, providing access to thousands of data sets—from Australian Property Monitors to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from Geoscience Australia to city councils.

Intersect was involved as one of the technology providers on the project.

Visit the AURIN site

Image - The AURIN (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network) launch
14 September 2014 is our large scale, high performance, collaborative, and cost effective digital storage system specially tailored, designed and constructed by researchers for researchers.

You have data, so we have Space. More information here

Image - Intersect's Space logo
04 September 2014

Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab goes live. The BCCVL allows researchers to project future outcomes using emission scenarios and climate models by combining common experiment types, datasets and processing power, all within the cloud. Intersect was a development partner in the BCCVL.

Image - Attendees at BCCVLL launch
24 August 2014

Guest speaker at Intersect's Showcase was the Hon Dominic Perrottet MP, State Minister for Finance and Services who spoke on "how collaboration is changing technology within government, our relationship with industry and the economy itself. I don't have to tell anyone at Intersect the importance of collaboration. It's very much in the DNA of your organisation."

Photos and presentations are posted on Facebook.

Image -The Hon Dominic Perrottet MP at Intersect
14 August 2014

MEDIA RELEASE: Hitachi Data Systems honours Intersect with Health and Life Sciences Innovation Award in Asia Pacific

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04 August 2014

Alveo virtual laboratory for human communication science launched

Image - The ALVEO launch
05 May 2014

A major Internet security vulnerability referred to as "Heartbleed" was recently discovered. The vulnerability in the OpenSSL library affected many online services and made news around the world.

07 April 2014

Marc Bailey has signed on as Intersect’s Chief Operating Officer, joining us from his role as CIO at Macquarie University.

Image - Marc Bailey - Intersect's new COO
03 April 2014

We are working to identify how to approve the data holdings of a large research centre, or the outputs of core facilities. Intersect's eResearch Analysts are the first points of contact for enquiries about our Research Data Storage node.

02 April 2014

We assisted with more than 45 grant applications in Q1. Researchers are invited to contact their local eResearch Analyst for assistance in development of Data Management Plans and committing Intersect services as in-kind contributions to proposals.
Intersect is currently coordinating a LIEF application for a large shared memory HPC cluster, led by Prof Marc Wilkins, UNSW. 

Image - Grants (shown as a file in a filing cabinet labeled "Grants")
24 March 2014

Swinburne University of Technology launched the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO). Intersect worked closely with Swinburne on the project, particularly in designing the web experience.
Funded by the Australian Government's NeCTAR project, TAO is a free online astronomy virtual laboratory that allows scientists to build complex customised views of the Universe, from their own computer.

Image from the Hubble telescope
20 March 2014

Intersect hosted a week long hackfest which brought together national teams to work on storing and serving Australian gridded datasets. The group created a new open source web application, called the Spatially Explicit Data Discovery, Extraction and Evaluation Service (SPEDDEXES). 

Image - Attendees at the Hackfest
12 March 2014

We've begun another great tablet-based project in the health and medical research space. POSSUM stands for Precise Observational System for the Safe Use of Medications.

03 February 2014

Intersect's RDSI node is in full production. 

22 January 2014

The ARC’s new instructions for Discovery & Laureate Fellowships now include requirements to plan for communicating research results and managing data via storage, access and re-use.

Image - Grants (shown as a file in a filing cabinet labeled "Grants")
20 January 2014

Intersect has begun work on a major AURIN project. The NSW Housing Demonstrator Data Hub will provide an initial test bed for the development of an integrated spatially referenced database of key housing data drawn from a variety of sources. The central aim is to build a fully spatially co-referenced set of interlinked data bases on the property record of all residential properties in NSW.

AURIN (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network) logo