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Training Videos

Training Video Tutorials now Available

Ten Intersect-developed training packages were officially launched at eResearch Australasia 2015, as part of the Nectar enhancements to user support work package (WP6). You can now view these training video tutorials in the format you prefer: self-faced tutorials or instructional videos. 

The training modules cover a wide range of topics on Nectar services and how they can be applied to researchers. We hope you enjoy them! 


Module 1: Overview of cloud computing and the Nectar services (26 mn, 2 parts)

Module 2: Virtual laboratories and eResearch tools (15 mn, 1 part)

Module 3: Use cases (10 mn, 1 part)

Module 4: From PC to cloud or HPC (16 mn, 2 parts)

Module 5: The research cloud lifecycle (24 mn, 3 parts)

Module 6: Resource requirements for compute and storage (28 mn, 3 parts)

Module 7: Launching and connecting (67 mn, 6 parts)

Module 8: Security (30 mn, 3 parts)

Module 9: Backing up and packing up (31 mn, 3 parts)

Module 10: Beyond the dashboard (31 mn, 3 parts)