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Intersect DIVER


Research Data Management

For research groups and centres whose research data management needs have outgrown the departmental file share, Intersect DIVER allows research organisations to take the next step in data security and collaborative research.

What is Intersect DIVER?

Intersect DIVER (Data Is Vital for Empirical Research ) is a general purpose open source research data capture and sharing application. When deployed as part of an Intersect “AAAA” data management implementation project, Intersect DIVER provides a full lifecycle research data management solution out-of-the-box. Read the product overview and more about AAAA Data Management.

Where did Intersect DIVER come from?

Intersect DIVER was originally developed by Intersect in 2012 for the University of Western Sydney’s Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a means to automatically capture and secure time series and other data from the Institute’s extensive field-based facilities and experiments.  Called “the HIEv”, HIE has adopted Intersect DIVER as the Institute’s primary data capture application for Institute data. For more information, see here.

Who benefits from Intersect DIVER?

Anyone who wants to quickly organize and share their file-based data can download and start using DIVER.  However, small and medium sized pre-existing, growing or newly established research centres, institutes and schools who collaborate both internally, locally and with an international community are likely to be those who gain the most benefit from Intersect DIVER.  These research organisations may be currently using or thinking of implementing a departmental file share.  File shares provide limited benefits to researchers. Intersect DIVER offers a more sophisticated alternative, addressing contemporary research needs such as data provenance and lifecycle management, data access management, management of metadata, data citation and reproducibility of research.

What are the key benefits of using Intersect DIVER?

Intersect DIVER can help research organizations and researchers in a number of ways:

  • Research efficiency: Intersect DIVER helps researchers focus on what’s important – the research, rather than being distracted by the logistics of data capture and management.
  • Enhanced collaboration through research data hubs: Organisations with Intersect DIVER implemented can quickly establish collaborative research data hubs with the potential to become known within the national and international community as a source of clean, secure and citable data. 
  • Grant compliance: Having an Intersect DIVER implementation provides a ready-made data management plan and collaboration solution which can assist researchers with their next competitive grant application.


Platform and software agnostic Linux, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. Licenced or open source software.
4A data management Full lifecycle data managmeent through the 4A approach: acquire, act-on, archive, and advertise your data. 
Desktop or tablet Machine to machine data input or manual data entry.
Research cloud Access your data directly from NeCTAR or RDSI research clouds.
Coordinated storage Access or back up your data on a university or national research data storage services.
Compliance Security levels and ethics requirements, and authentication services.
Collaboration Options for individual or group research projects. 
System integration Integration with research tools and platforms in eResearch enterprise architecture and standards based infrastructure. 



Or learn more about Intersect DIVER by getting in touch:
T 02 8079 2500

DIVER features

  • Fast deployment using Intersect’s Snap Deploy.
  • Intersect or customer hosting options.
  • Support for Australian Access Foundation (AAF) authentication
  • Support for private and public data.
  • Flexible group-based access control.
  • Automated file upload/download through a simple-to-use Application Programming Interface
  • Support for simple and complex metadata
  • Automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Speech Recognition (SR) on file upload. Intersect offers a sophisticated,  cost-effective OCR and SR solution across its range of products and service.
  • File pre-processing and automatic application of file naming conventions
  • Regular expression search
  • Recognises most MIME types
  • Decode of image XIF metadata
  • Robust relational database for metadata storage
  • Publishing of data collections using standard protocols (RIF-CS, OAI-PMH)
  • Data file packaging (see details here)

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