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Company Information

Intersect Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, established by its founding members to provide eResearch services and solutions.

Company Details

Company Name:  Intersect Australia Ltd
ABN:  67 131 752 657
Registered Office:  Level 12, 50 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Visitors to the office should report to Level 13 Reception)
Telephone:  +61 2 8079 2500
Date of Incorporation:  20 June 2008
Chief Executive Officer:  Marc Bailey
Company Secretary:  Paul Martin


Intersect’s Board of Directors are:


Providing advice and guidance to the Board on project-related issues is the Innovation Committee (in hiatus):

  • Emeritus Professor Mark Wainwright AM, Chair and Board Member
  • Professor Mary O’Kane, NSW Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer, NSW Government
  • Dr Malcolm Cook, Program Director - East Asia, Lowy Institute, Independent
  • Emeritus Professor Sue Rowley, Independent
  • Mr Marc Bailey, CEO, Intersect.


Providing advice and guidance to the board on service related issues is the eServices and Strategy Committee:

  • Mr Andrew Pedrazzini, Director Infrastructure NSW Health, Chair and Board Member
  • Mr Christopher McAvaney, Director, eResearch, Deakin University
  • Mr Peter Barnard, Manager, Research Data, Southern Cross University
  • Mr Stephen Hannan, Executive Director, Research, Development and Engagement, Western Sydney University
  • Associate Professor David Miron, Director of Strategic Research Initiatives, University of New England
  • Mr Luc Betbeder-Matibet, Director, Research Technology Services, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Ksenia Sawczak, Director, Research Services Office, University of Canberra
  • Mr Rod Lewis, Research Systems and Reporting, Australian Catholic University
  • Dr Peter Sefton, Manager eResearch Support, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Mr Andy Apin, Technology Partner, University of Sydney
  • Mr John Parry, Director, Enterprise ICT, La Trobe University
  • Mr Jon Symon, University of Newcastle
  • Ms Gail Fuller, Manager - Spatial Analysis Unit, Charles Sturt University


Providing advice and guidance to the eServices and Strategy Committee on HPC resource allocation related issues is the Resource Allocation Sub-Committee:

  • Professor Marc Wilkins, Ramaciotti Centre for Gene Analysis, UNSW
  • Dr Ben Thornber, Mechanical Engineering, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Tim Langtry, Mathematical Sciences, UTS
  • Professor Timothy Marchant, Dean of Research and Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Wollongong
  • Dr Craig Neill, Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, Macquarie University
  • Professor Pablo Moscato, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of Newcastle
  • Dr Gregory Falzon, Computational Science, University of New England
  • Professor Graham King, Professor of Plant Genomics and Epigenetics, Southern Cross University
  • Professor Yang Xiang, Dean's Unit, School of Computing, Engineering & Math, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Terry Bossomaier, Director, Research Group for Complex Systems, Charles Sturt University


Providing advice and guidance to the eServices and Strategy Committee on storage related issues is the Storage Allocation Sub-Committee (in hiatus): 

  • Dr Merilyn Sleigh, Chair
  • Associate Professor Grainne Moran, Director, UNSW Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, UNSW
  • Mr Sten Christiansen, Sydney eScholarship Repository Coordinator, University of Sydney
  • Mr Peter Gale, Information Technology Services, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Professor Nicki Packer, Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University
  • Professor Timothy Marchant, Dean of Research, University of Wollongong
  • Ms Lyn McBriarty, Director, Research Services, University of Newcastle
  • Professor Heiko Daniel, Director, Research Services, University of New England
  • Mr Wayne Doubleday, Manager CSU Archives, Charles Sturt University
  • Professor Deborah Sweeney, Associate PVC Research, Health & Science, Western Sydney University
  • Dr Ksenia Sawczak, Director Research Services Office, University of Canberra
  • Mr Rod Lewis, Research Performance, Australian Catholic University.


Providing advice and guidance to the Board on audit and risk-related issues is the Board Audit and Risk Management Group

  • Mr John Masters (Chair), Intersect Company Director, Independent
  • Mr Garry McLennan, CFO, Exlipx Group
  • Mr Paul Martin (Secretary) 
  • Michael Kirby-Lewis (Kirby)
  • Prof. Deborah Sweeney, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, Western Sydney University 
  • Mr Marc Bailey, CEO, Intersect
  • Satish Nair, CFO, Sirca & Intersect